Taking a break from KanColle (kinda…)


As expected, it was too heavy for me to juggle between Kantai Collection and Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage, and the current ongoing Starlight Stage event finally tipped me over to stop playing Kantai Collection.

Looking back, I’ve been doing too much multitasking in KanColle everyday; completing daily quests, leveling up ships, sending ships to expeditions, practice… so yeah, one can say I’m having ‘KanColle fatigue’…

Also, when I’m leveling up ships, I feel like I’m racing/hurrying, but is this really necessary? Sure I might not have enough high-leveled ships by the next Event, but there’s always next Event…

But well, I guess the leveling up I’ve done so far kind of paid off. I think I have enough high-leveled ships of each type now for small events or so…

Today I opened KanColle and stripped all the equipments from the ships, and disbanded the 2nd to 4th fleets. Then I finally completed some one-time Quests that I never managed to complete because I was too busy leveling up ships everyday.

So yeah, if I were to keep playing KanColle, this is how I see I would be playing it for foreseeable future. Decide on a single goal and focus on it instead of multitasking. No rushing or trying to optimize stuffs.

At the end of the day gaming is usually supposed to be just a ‘break’ or ‘leisure’ anyway… And I shall try to keep it so.

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