(My) November Lookouts

Spectre (5 Nov)


So yeah, I’m not really a movie watcher, but there are a few movies I do want to watch, and Daniel Craig’s James Bond series is one of them. I watched all his James Bond movies, although I still like Casino Royale best. (The other movies I want to watch are Ip Man 3 on Christmas Eve, Steve Jobs on January next year and the mysterious Ultraman movie that might be released July next year).

As always, I will watch with no expectation. But yeah, I hope it’s a good one for me… (Hideo Kojima at least said the movie is good).

Kantai Collection Itsuka Shizukana Umi De (10 Nov)

If the release date is to be believed, the next chapter should be available at ComicWalker page on 10 Nov. It’s highly likely since the chapter is already released on physical magazine, according to the author himself:

It will be the 2nd chapter featuring Murasame (the kanmusu with so many different arts) and others.

Video game releases

Unfortunately I think my interest in games is kinda dwindling. Some of this month’s games that caught my interest are Project X Zone 2 (12 Nov), Blade Arcus (Shining series’ fighting game spin-off) (26 Nov) and the Neptune x Sega Hard Girls crossover thing (26 Nov). The me in the past would no doubt just preorder and get them first, play them for a few hours after I receive them, then put them in storage for a loooong time.

But the me now? Nah… especially now that I found first-hand that I could just buy them second-hand and cheap if I were to go Japan in the future anyway.

Also, as some others have noticed, Blade Arcus doesn’t seem to have… network play? (a console fighting game without network play in this day and age?)


I like Misty but I think her character sprites are kinda wrong… It’s like her shoulder is too wide or her hands are too short or something…

And her play style is like those trick characters… like Juri in Street Fighter 4 or Rachel in BlazBlue (not exactly my play style).

But there are are still some games I do want to get first hand, but they’re getting fewer now, such as Miracle Girls Festival (17 Dec) and Nier Automata.

There are some games I won’t be getting, such as Valkyrie Drive and DOA Extreme 3, but this is more because I predict a ‘better version’ is coming down the road (DOA Extreme 3 holding back some characters can’t be more obvious).


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