Ciel nosurge: no more dates?


Managed to get all trophies for 「DLC Pack #1: セカイパックvol.2 試練編第二幕」a few days ago…

But yeah, no more dates from Ion. I guess I’ve already seen all the dates that can be unlocked without purchasing additional DLC.

My trophy list is still 25% though… the list goes all the way to  「DLC Pack #14:  セカイパックvol.8 崩壊編最終幕」 and 「DLC Pack #15: コスチューム&アクセサリー 紫陽咲花」.

There is even a 2nd trophy list… but we can now remove 0% trophy lists if we wish too…

Supposedly the one DLC bundle that I can buy that lets me reach 100% for the 1st trophy list is フルアップデートセット, which costs 5657 yen… (urgh). There’s also the ‘for the busy people’ version at 6171 yen.

One day they will shut down this game service (and I feel it’s near), at which point the trophies will no longer be obtainable…

So yeah, I feel like I’m being extorted here ^^; GUST is a scary company… -_-“


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