Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage – Vocal Burst Event

Another event already?! 0.o

I know that the game is doing well financially (according to the news) and the momentum can be taken advantage of, but c’mon, give the players some break… ^^;

But yeah, this time it’s a different kind of event: spend some stamina (40 points for Pro difficulty) to play 3 random songs + 4th ‘encore’ song if you do well, and get event points (379 event points for successful Pro run). There’s also a survival element in it as the life never recovers throughout the 4 songs (bringing an idol with healing skill is recommended).

There are some subtleties with the stamina management. Firstly, the stamina is taken as soon as you start with the first song. For example, if your stamina is 59/60, your stamina would become 19/60, which means you actually have 41 x 5 minutes = 3 hours 25 minutes to finish the 4 songs (if you’re not near level up).

The EXP gotten after the 4 songs is equal to the first 3 songs played. Considering that 3 Pro songs would have cost 45 stamina points minimum, being able to play them for just 40 stamina points is a good ‘cost performance’ (Japanese term).

Also, playing normal songs doesn’t give small event points at all, unlike the previous event.

So the question is when I’m near level up, let’s say I can play one or two songs outside event mode for total below 40 stamina points to level up, is it better to do so than wait until my stamina reaches 40 and plays the event mode? I haven’t done the math to prove it but I think it’s better to do the first one…

But yeah, they’re doing onsen theme for this event’s new SR and SSR cards. Pretty extreme I should say…

The event prizes are the ‘psycho idol’ Yuuko Hori and ‘flute idol’ Yukari Mizumoto:



Unfortunately I pretty like both of them (Yukari is like a mix of Minami and Rin) so I guess I’m gonna take part in this event too… -_-”

There’s also Chieri Ogata SSR card… But this is Platinum Gacha prize and nothing I should be expecting to get…


It’s hard to raise star points needed to do 10 Platinum Gacha (2,500 points) (I’m currently at 1,150 points) when I used up all the ways to earn them (‘awakening’ all the idols and raising their fan count). It’s like I’m now under the mercy of daily bonus gifts (100 star points per week) and some anniversary thing and when they come out with new story and idols and stuffs. (I don’t think I can make it to 2,500 star points by the end of this event).

Similarly, because I’m higher leveled now, the chance of taking advantage of full stamina restore during level up diminishes as well. So yeah, actually beginners or low leveled players have advantage in their first few events in that regard.

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