10 Nov 2015

Kantai Collection Itsuka Shizukana Umi De


Chapter 16 is available today at ComicWalker. You can read it here (until the next chapter is released).

Chapter 17 seems to be on track to be released at ComicWalker on 10 Dec. I wonder about the aftermath… The heroine of this arc is Murasame, right?

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage

The Vocal Burst event just ended… My rank is 70,000th+ (because I have work ^^;), still enough to get both SR cards.

Another event is coming on 12 Nov (seriously, they should give more time between events). This seems to be a mini event where for duration of the event, the songs now drop rare idol rewards.

It’s kinda ridiculous, but until now I still haven’t gotten Jougasaki Rika. She’s the only main heroine from the anime that I don’t have yet. Hope I can get her soon (in this event maybe).

Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain

Slow progress on my second playthrough. I’m basically on story mission 12, but I’ve S-ranked and completed all objectives of previous missions, and also all Side Ops as well.

Kantai Collection


Finally got the ‘training’ ship Katori, which is buildable from Construction only recently.

Also married to Kitakami since she reached level 99 (don’t worry, I know this is just gameplay stuff; proof is, she is not my favorite girl, just happens to be useful in the game). The first marriage is free, after that it’s 700 yen each. I think it’ll be a while until my second marriage (it’ll probably be the other Torpedo Cruiser, Ooi).

Still leveling up ships as usual. I’ve basically Kai Ni’ed all ships without blueprints, with the exception of Destroyer class. Now I’m leveling up my ships with blueprints to their Kai Ni level, so that when I do get some blueprints, I can just use them. I’m left with: Chikuma, Fusou, Yamashiro, Shoukaku and Zuikaku.

The Fall 2015 event starts on 18 Nov.

iPad Pro


iPad Pro order starts on 11 Nov.

Tempted to buy it, but I think I’ll take a wait and see approach. There might be issues with the 1st generation.

This can be a Wacom killer for manga artists… just need an app that can rival Clip Studio Paint EX.


I decided to skip buying Project X Zone 2 on release date. Maybe some time in the future… I’m still tied with a backlog of games including Ciel nosurge and Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain.

I’m also thinking to start app development. There are just some ‘life assistance’ apps that I want.  They either don’t exist or are not exactly what I want (different UI, extraneous features). So yeah, I don’t really have other place in Internet, so expect a different kind of posts in this blog… ^^;


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