21 Nov 2015

Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage

New event (again…)

And in-between, there was a mini-event (more like Chance Time) to get some Rare idols (of which I still didn’t manage to get Jougasaki Rika).

This is the game’s first Passion main event. Gotta say, I missed the first Cute event so I guess I won’t be able to unlock the event commu (mini-conversations) ever (unless the developers chose to release them).

But yeah, the reward idols this time are Jougasaki Mika and Kirari. Would’ve preferred Rika given my current collection… She’s available as this event’s Platinum Gacha SSR card instead (and I still don’t have a single SSR card…).

Kantai Collection

Fall 2015 event now.

Summer 2015 event was the very first event I played as KanColle player, and even when I played on Easy, I couldn’t complete it (stuck at the last map). Well, it was supposed to be a difficult event.

This time I would try  to beat the event on Easy, even though I might be inclined to try Medium (to me, there is order in things ^^;).

Liking the new event reward ships, but I’m more interested about getting the German ships that I still don’t have such as Prinz Eugen and U-511. They are reportedly dropped in E-4 map… ^^;

Ciel nosurge (gaming decision)

I decided not to buy any new game until I completed this game’s trophies (and it’s still an open point whether I should complete the second list).

That means I would miss out on the soon-to-be-released Neptune X Sega Hard Girls (I have Neptune series’ backlog anyway), even possibly Miracle Girls Festival in December.

This game is literally a ticking time bomb now, as the online service has been running for years. Once it’s stopped, the chance to complete the trophies would be gone forever…


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