1 Dec 2015

Year’s end is almost here!

Kantai Collection

Doesn’t actively participate in Fall 2015 Event, although I managed to reach E-4 map (Easy of course). Stuck at trying to get Prinz Eugen. I managed to get Kashima (new ship girl), Tokitsukaze, Asashio and Hayashio. Not really interested with the other ship rewards… (Graf Zeppelin maybe…)

Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage

Similarly I gave up on the latest Event halfway. Supposed to get SR cards of Kirari and Jougasaki Mika, but fuck it. To me it’s Love Live! School Idol Festival all over again (taking too much of my attention and time). I’ll still keep the app on my phone and play the game at times, but as a rhythm game and not card collection game.

Ciel nosurge


I’m almost there… (the 1st trophy list is up to Sekai Pack Vol. 8)

Still undecided whether to continue to 2nd trophy list (up to Sekai Pack Vol.12 and supposedly Terminate Pack). One thing for sure though is I would need a bigger memory card, as the entire game barely fits my 4GB memory card (after erasing all other games).

But yeah, this game… -.- And I decided not to buy any new game until I complete this one. I don’t think I can finish it by Miracle Girls Festival release date (17 Dec).

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain


38%, S-ranking and completing all mission objectives of Main Ops, and clearing all unlocked Side Ops.

One thing I’ve been neglecting is capturing animals… This game has too much side activities ^^;

December Lookouts

10 Dec

New chapter of Kantai Collection Itsuka Shizukana Umi De at ComicWalker (hopefully).

With this chapter, it should be enough to compile recent chapters to volume 3.

It seems they are extending the series past 3 volumes, which is good news (I think somewhere in volume 2 they were saying about thinking to end it at vol 3).

24 Dec

Ip Man 3… X)


Yeah, I skipped Star Wars (though I might still watch it)…


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