9 Dec 2015

Ciel nosurge

Almost there… 85% progress on the 1st trophy list.

Basically I reached a certain game state where Ion is feeling down, and I’m supposed to ‘nadenade’ (don’t know the English word) her head for 3 times or so, at least 12-hour apart each time. I prepared by making sure there’s no upcoming date and she’s not making anything before reaching this state (to prevent bugs).

Gotta say, I don’t really care about the story anymore. Maybe someday I’ll go back and re-read them again… This series is pretty unique because this game is a real-time dating sim with ‘uncovering past memory’ mechanic, but it has continuation in the form of RPG called Ar nosurge (with some connectivity between 2 games) (with gameplay based on another series called Ar tonelico).

MGSV Phantom Pain

So I stumbled upon a mission objective that I know can be completed easily if I were to possess certain equipment which can only be acquired later in the game.

It’s interfering with my policy to clear all mission objectives (and also S-rank the mission) before tackling the next mission.

Personally, it’s kind of a bummer to me when developers used this kind of design… ^^;

Anyway, I started to capture animals now, using useful guides such as PowerPyx’s of course. I don’t have the motivation to do it in one-shot, so I’ll probably capture minimum a new animal each day from now on until it’s complete… (I read that there are annoying ones)

What I didn’t know is that capturing animals can also bump up the completion counter. Mine is up to 44% now.


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