13 Dec 2015

Ciel nosurge

Ion finally cheered up (and the accompanying trophy popped up) ^^

So I can finally progress in the game again.

(The time to buy a new memory card is soon approaching…)

MGSV Phantom Pain

Halfway there… (54%)

Managed to capture all animals in the game, besides the two that will be available in upcoming Side Ops. One of the techniques to capture ‘rare’ Uncommon animals is to lower the rank of the Capture Cage item. The Tsuchinoko sells for 200,000 GMP each. First time I got 7 of them in one go and I had a surprising 1,400,000 GMP income 0.o I tried again at the same spot, but this time I got all Gerbils… It might be worth trying to farm them again, but I should wait until a landing zone closer to that spot is unlocked first.

In Blood Runs Deep mission, I thought it was impossible to rescue the children without the enemies checking the cell and noticing that they escaped. Which is why I thought the special Fulton device for children has to be developed first to accomplish this task (so I can Fulton them in the air as soon as I rescued them). But it’s actually possible; you just have to capture the base (Fulton all enemies) and the area before the goal first…

But in War Economy mission, I do have to develop Wormhole Fulton first to extract those indoor material containers… -_- This mission is pretty easy though once you know the gist of it.

I also unlocked probably the only PlayStation Plus-required trophy in the game (play FOB mission) by signing up for the free 2-day trial ^^;


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