Upgrading Vita’s storage

I finally upgraded my Vita’s storage, which had always been 4GB memory card.

The shop I went to didn’t have both 32GB and 64GB (I wouldn’t mind buying one of them), so I bought 16GB… 16GB should hopefully be enough for 1-2 ‘extreme case’ DLC-heavy games (like Ciel nosurge and maybe Muramasa Rebirth). I’m quite comfortable with the idea that some of my game data (the ones I’m not playing at the moment) live in my PC, some in the memory card itself.

The process of transferring data between memory cards is pretty simple:

  • Sync trophies to server (because they are handled separately)
  • On Vita’s Content Manager app, Backup old memory card (to PC etc)
  • Make sure that a backup file is actually created by checking Restore
  • After that, go to Settings app and format the old memory card (so that this memory card will be empty)
  • After system restart, turn off Vita (don’t ‘unlock the screen’, especially if there is a game card inside Vita, as the game would automatically be installed into the just-empty memory card)
  • Swap the memory cards
  • Turn on Vita
  • On Vita’s Content Manager app, choose Restore and the backup file
  • After Restore is done, choose not to delete backup file (just in case something went wrong)
  • After making sure that the new memory card indeed contains old memory card data, you can then delete the backup file (through Vita’s Content Manager app)

The new memory card will contain old memory card’s data, and the old memory card is blank (ready to be given out to friend, sold, as second memory card or whatever).

The remaining time shown when backing up and restoring always starts out large (like 2 hours), but it’s actually not that long.


2 thoughts on “Upgrading Vita’s storage

  1. Eric

    This is great, I’ve been worried about how to reliably transfer games on my memory cards since I got my Vita! I’ll keep this method in mind.


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