21 Dec 2015

The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage

Managed to save up 2,500 Star Jewels, which means I’m able to play Platinum Audition Gasha to get 10 cards that are Rare or above (and guaranteed at least one SR card).

The first Rare card I got is… Rika Jougasaki!


It’s not that I particularly like her or anything, but she was the only main character from the anime that I was missing and it was getting ridiculous.

Next, I got 3 new Rare idols:


Not bad… (and all Cute) The unfortunate part is I got 2 SR cards, but I already have both of them. And I still don’t have a single SSR card…

Anyway, there’s an ongoing Christmas event that will end on 27 Dec:


The SR card prizes are Yui Ohtsuki (Miki Hoshii’s doppelganger) as seen above and Haruna Kamijo (megane girl). The event song is called Snow Wings, which is a new song and it’s released first for this game.

Speaking of favorite character, I think I found her:


She’s a girl who plays flute called Yukari Mizumoto.


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