Phantom Pain Complete, Well Almost…

Managed to do all the main stuffs for trophy completion.

That means:

  • S-ranked every Missions
  • Completed all Mission Tasks
  • Completed all Side Ops
  • Captured all animals
  • All teams level 50 and above
  • Developed 300+ items

I tried to S-rank each Mission and complete all its tasks as soon as it’s unlocked (I usually need at least 2 runs; speed stealth run for S-rank and extensive run for task clean-ups). I also completed Side Ops as soon as they’re unlocked. So there’s relatively not much to do after the last Mission.

With Side Ops I kinda cheated by using Stealth Camouflage… since it’s not ranked or anything. As for capturing all animals, I already did it some time back.

I’m now left with:

  • Complete all key dispatch missions
  • Develop a nuke
  • Dismantle a nuke
  • Collect all blueprints and key items.

I’m left with the last key dispatch mission, which also holds my last blueprint. The success rate is 50%+ and I just need to get lucky. As for the nuke, I need to wait until my Mother Base has finished processing 75,000 online fuels (60,000+ fuels now). After that I still need to wait a day (gameplay time) for the nuke to be completed…

I also got Quiet back by replaying herr specific Mission 7 times… because I was bored.

But yeah, my trophy hunting for this game is nearing its end… It’s just the waiting stuffs now. After those are done, I can move on to another game. (I don’t intend to stick around and play the FOB stuff)


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