The game to play next…

Now that I almost earn Platinum trophy of MGSV Phantom Pain (it’s just waiting for the nuke to be developed) and I’m still slowly progressing on Ciel nosurge (it’s not a game really), I wonder what game (of my existing library) I should tackle (and commit to) next.

DLC add-on games

So this year I have kinda been focusing on online trophies, because they could one day be unobtainable in the future (whereas the offline trophies, I could take my real sweet time with them). But there’s another category of trophies, and that’s DLC trophies.

Theoretically, if they stop selling the DLC (for whatever reason, like licensing rights issues or not to cannibalize remaster version), then those DLC trophies can’t be obtained anymore. So I should get (purchase) these DLCs while they’re still available. Technically, as soon as I purchase them, I’m safe, but I think I should just try to unlock the DLC trophies and be done with.

Here are my games with DLC trophies on them:

  • DmC (yep, that Devil May Cry spin-off)
  • Onechanbara Kagura Z
  • Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
  • Muramasa Rebirth

And I haven’t even finished unlocking all their main game trophies yet…

I’m even thinking to complete their DLC trophies first before the main game trophies. The nice thing about DLC add-ons is that they should be short. And although some of the trophies might be challenging, since they should be ‘confined’, it should be okay…

Also, my last 2 trophies of Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater 2nd require me to play ‘Edit Songs’. I think I would need to create simple edits from the associated PSP game, Project Diva 2nd. The thing is, I no longer have that game…

Metal Gear Solid 2 PS3

I have the Japanese Vita version and American PS3 version and most of my progress is in the Vita version.

I’m pretty much convinced that Vita controls are holding me back with Extreme difficulty playthrough and VR Missions. So I’m thinking to buy the digital Japanese PS3 version and take advantage of normal controller and the Transfarring thing (that also transfers trophies) (even though I have American PS3 version, because it’s a different region, it can’t Transfar with my Japanese Vita version).

The idea is I start from scratch and complete the Japanese PS3 version, setting up Transfarring thing correctly at the start. Then hopefully with this feature, I can unlock the remaining Vita trophies.

But yeah, Fatman on Extreme difficulty and the slippery sniping control in VR Missions are really a pain in the ass.


Whichever game I’m about to pick, now that I’m (almost) done with online trophies, I think I should shift my focus to DLC trophies. Then I can go back to offline trophies… 

Or maybe not even think about trophies at all…


2 thoughts on “The game to play next…

  1. Karl Weller

    I was given a £20 psn gift card for Christmas by my girlfriend and I’m still trying to assess what I should spend it on. There are some great deals on psn that I can’t decide between.

    1. Helu Post author

      Ah yes, that’s a difficult problem indeed :p Ideally you should get the game that would bring you greatest enjoyment, but you never know until you actually play it…


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