Phantom Pain 100%, review

As expected, I just need to wait until the nuke is developed, and then dismantle it, to unlock my last trophies and get the Platinum trophy.


Some impressions, now that I’ve played this game for quite long enough.

It’s an open world, but…

To me it’s just multiple maps connected/separated with ‘almost empty’ areas. To their credit though, it’s amazing how the developers built such a huge vast world (designing the terrains etc) and make it seamless.

Unnecessary variety

There are multiple weapons of the same type (e.g., Handgun) and often there are unnecessarily too many. I just stick to one (or at least a few) of them.

I think rather than developing multiple weapons, we should just develop the ‘parts’ (laser sight, suppressor, scope etc) that give special attributes to the weapons.

I don’t like waiting

After developing some high-level weapons, you need to wait until they’re finished. To me this makes no sense, since if I really need the item now, I can just keep the game running and wait until it’s finished being developed (and waste electricity).

Same with the materials that need to be processed first by the Base Development team. It’s like they artificially try to make the game longer with these elements.

The mobage element

I don’t like how they try to put micro-transactions in the game. It affects a number of things in the game, like how you can’t really have the R&D level high enough to develop the higher level weapons efficiently unless you develop more FOBs (which encourages you to purchase and spend MB coins) and stuffs.

And those annoying Event information that you have to go through (and can’t skip) every time you start the game…

Not much variety in Side Ops

It basically boils down to Fultoning everything out (you can destroy and kill of course, but..)

But yeah, I would be stumped myself if they were to ask me to design a new Side Op type.

Not much to do after completing the main game…

After S-ranking all Missions, completing all their tasks, completing all Side Ops, capturing all animals, I think I’ve essentially completed the single player part of the game.

Maybe above are already a lot (particularly if you rush through the game and have a lot to clean up after), but for me who’ve been playing it slowly and steadily, there doesn’t seem to be anything to do after that in the game (other than multiplayer part).

Sure I can always go back to Missions and try to discover different ways to beat the Missions (use different Buddies etc) but…

Also, in Chapter 2, they repeat a few Missions in higher difficulty with rules such as Subsistence (on-site procurement of equipments), Total Stealth and Extreme. The thing is, I think they could’ve applied these rules to almost all the Missions (give a different UI, like ‘Challenges’, instead of making a new Mission). Not sure why they don’t do that instead. I think they chose this new Mission route for the wrong kind of reasons such as to inflate the number of Missions, make Chapter 2 ‘look better’, and stuffs.

The game lost some Metal Gear series’ essence…

Not sure why. Most probably the storytelling part.

Good language learning tool

The cassette tapes…


But yeah, despite all the bad points I pointed out, I think it’s still a great game and a great experience.

Too bad it seems Hideo Kojima can’t keep his pure vision for his last Metal Gear game because of Konami’s bad decisions (cut content, micro-transactions etc…)

I’ll be waiting for Hideo Kojima’s next game. Maybe this time with a female protagonist :p I’m a bit worried though since I’ve seen many cases where famous creators fail to ‘exceed’ their previous works because they’re no longer backed by a large company. Hope this doesn’t apply to him as well.


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