Using DualShock 4 on PS3


One of the good things about PS3 and PS4 is that they use the same set of cables; same power cable, HDMI and Ethernet cable. So if you can only have one of them on the table for example, and you want to switch between PS3 and PS4 games, you can just swap the ‘box’ as needed. (The same is true if you have PlayStation TV as well.)

Recently I also found out that you can actually use DualShock 4 on PS3! I don’t know why, but the analog sticks of my DualShock 3 get disgustingly sticky (probably due to heat from the sun…) so I don’t want to use it.

Just connect DualShock 4 to PS3 with micro USB cable and it’ll work! There’s even a way to make it work wirelessly, although due to my setup, I usually just keep my controller wired.

However, there are a few catches…

The home/PS button doesn’t work! It strangely only works to turn on the PS3, but it doesn’t work at all after that. What this means is that once you enter the game, you can’t use the button to quit the game (or access XMB to check trophies etc). The only way to quit the game is really to turn off the PS3 (and then turn it on again).

Also, after entering the game, sometimes the controller lost connection (even though it worked while in XMB). How I fix this is by plugging out and in the micro USB cable.

But yeah, guess I’ll stick with using DualShock 4 on PS3, rather than buying a new DualShock 3… To me DualShock 4 is more ergonomic.

Update: So there’s a way to make DualShock 4 fully functional on PS3 (i.e., the home button works all the time at the cost of it not being able to be used to turn on PS3, and no disconnection after starting a game), but it requires you to have this accessory called Titan One (I might talk about this device in future post) which I happen to have.

2 thoughts on “Using DualShock 4 on PS3

  1. Karl Weller

    Can’t say I’ve tried to use my PS4 controller on my PS3 yet. But it is tempting considering that the control sticks on my PS3 are also a little sticky. Probably from all the congealed persperation soaked into them.

    1. Helu Post author

      I have an older DualShock 3 that doesn’t have this sticky analog sticks’ issue (but it has other problems) despite me also having used it for a long time. Probably they switched to a different rubber/material or something.

      Gotta say I’m pretty much addicted to DualShock 4; the grip, the weight, button feedback etc ^^


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