Onechambara Z Kagura, Aya & Saki DLC

As my previous post, I decided to focus on DLC trophies, so I bought the Aya & Saki DLC add-on for Onechambara Z Kagura and managed to unlock all its extra trophies.



I like how Aya & Saki has different mechanics than Kagura & Saaya. One of those different mechanics is that Aya & Saki can counter enemies if they dodge at the right time (and to the right place) (their evasive maneuver is not as nimble as Kagura & Saaya, but in return they have this ability). This trophy is unlocked for performing counter many times.


Yet another unique ability of Aya & Saki. This mechanic rewards player for successfully performing Cool Combination as it builds Ecstasy Gauge, which can be used to perform a special devastating attack. This trophy is for doing that attack many times.

It’s very easy to build up the Ecstasy Gauge by spamming Aya’s jumping circle attack when she’s equipped with the ring that makes performing Cool Combination easier.


This is probably the trophy that requires the most skill as player needs to time their button presses correctly to pull off the long combo below:

So if I remember correctly, quite a while ago OshareKeiji gave me a tip: I should purposely dull my weapon by getting it all sticky with blood. So the attacks become slower and hence it’s become slightly easier to time it/perform Cool Combination. It’s quite amazing how I still remember the advice ^^;

But yeah, after lots of attempts I managed to pull it off.


The last trophy I earned. This one basically is to kill many enemies while in Berserk Mode. It can be sped up by equipping a ring that makes the character always in Berserk Mode.


But yeah, now I’m thinking whether I should complete the main game’s trophies, or move on to another DLC add-on…


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