Starlight Stage Platinum Gasha II

Managed to earn 2,500 Star Jewels again so I could have another go with the 10-card Platinum Gasha.

New Rare cards:


I’m particularly happy about getting Natalia (the Brazilian idol) since I already took notice of her ever since the original mobage ^^

Out of the 4 idols, only the military one (Aki Yamato) has a voice. The voiced idols usually have priority as Event SR card prizes.

At first I didn’t realize it was new, but I also got another SR card of Haruna Kamijo. I said another because one of the previous Event’s SR card prizes is also that of Haruna Kamijo (although it’s a different card).

Still no sign of SSR card yet… This despite the fact that they increased the probability of getting SSR card from 1.5% to 3% for a limited time… T.T

It’s gonna be some time before I can rack up 2,500 Star Jewels again…

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