Onechambara Z Kagura, All Missions V Rank


Managed to do probably the most intimidating part of the game (for me) and that is to get V rank (the highest rank) for all 25 Missions (challenge stages).

But as many people have kindly shared their knowledge on Internet (English and Japanese alike), it’s less about skill and more about understanding the ranking system, and fulfilling as many checklist items as possible.

The checklist:

  • Avoid getting hit as much as possible
  • 500 hit combo
  • 100 kill combo
  • 20 Cool Combinations
  • 30 Splatters (cut enemy cleanly into half)

And there are tricks to achieve these checklist items, all using Kagura as the character:

Avoid getting hit as much as possible: use Aegis Barrier skill (shield)

100 kill combo + 30 Splatter: spam Heavy Wave skill. On stronger enemies such as Werewolves, switch it up with the stronger Chaser skill to keep the kill combo going. Even consider getting in Berserk mode (with the special ring).

20 Cool Combinations: equip the ring that makes Cool Combination timing easier, and use a short combo such as square x 3 triangle. Use Mirage skill (body double) so you only need to perform successfully 10 instead of 20 times.

500 hit combo: Either #1 use charged circle attack (plus Mirage skill to speed things up) on downed boss enemy instead of finishing it off with when the square + x prompt appears or #2 drag a zombie out of the crowd using the Dagger, cut off his legs, and keep using the Dagger’s no-damage ‘pull’ move (#2 is a bit long and boring).

But yeah, other than the checklist, you can do pretty much anything; you can take your own time, buy items, switch equipment and skill at the statue etc.

The mission with most strict ranking for me happens to be mission 24. Supposedly missions 9 and 22 are troublesome as well, but I didn’t have trouble with them (I guess I was being hardcore about fulfilling the checklist items haha).

Unfortunately I’m not over yet with this game, as I see heavy grinding ahead for the remaining trophies… -.-”

And oh yeah, Happy New Year 2016 ^^;


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