Onechambara Z Kagura, Last Grind


Gotta say, I’m down to Onechambara Z Kagura’s last grind, which is to collect 5 million Yellow Orbs. After I’m done with this, I would have completed the last Quest and get the Platinum trophy.

But yeah, the Quest’s progress bar doesn’t seem to move at all…

I don’t know why sometimes games have ridiculous trophies like this. Kamen Rider Battride War has this trophy where you need to ride the bike for 555km (which turns out to take a very long time), the first version of Dead Or Alive 5 asks you to play 1,000 online matches (which is arguably still reasonable for a fighting game), and the next example is Xbox 360, but Gears Of War actually asks you to kill 10,000 times in online matches, which is insane if you think about it; if you kill 10 times a day, the achievement would take 3 years to unlock. If you want to finish it in a year, you would need to kill about 30 each day. Even if you work hard and kill 100 times a day, it would still take you about 3 months.

Fortunately, arcade stick with turbo feature (and weights to keep certain buttons pressed) can help with some of these trophies, including this game. It’s possible to leave the Yellow Orb farming overnight by going to Chapter Select and select either Chapter 7 or 15, with Kagura equipped with Berserk Ring and Chaser skill.

Unfortunately, to skip the cutscenes to speed things up would require pressing start button at cutscene parts (but not gameplay). So leaving the game overnight is slower than if you also supervise the screen and press start button at appropriate times (while doing other stuffs).


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