Dreamy Theater 2nd, trophy complete


I managed to unlock all trophies of Dreamy Theater 2nd, the ‘PS3 HD add-on’ of PSP game Project Diva 2nd. There is no Platinum trophy since it’s a download-only game.

I was left with only 2 trophies; 1 for playing 39 different Edit songs and 1 for watching 39 different Edit songs. I don’t know where to find Project Diva 2nd Edit song data on Internet and I no longer have physical copy of the game, so I bought the digital copy of the game for 3,086 yen (that I installed on Vita, even though I had been playing the game on PSP).

It was quite a painful and tedious process, the whole thing, but I can confirm a few things:

  • You can transfer save data from PSP to Vita via PS3.
  • After transferring save data to Vita, you have to load it and then save once; otherwise the Dreamy Theater 2nd ‘sync app’ (which is another PSP-format app that you have to install on Vita) won’t accept it at first since it recognizes the save data as ‘coming from different PSP’. After you saved once, the sync app will then recognize the save data as coming from Vita itself.
  • But yeah, the sync app works between Vita and PS3 as well (I read that it didn’t use to work back in the days).
  • In Project Diva 2nd, You can just make a simple Edit song (e.g., with only 1 note). Important is to set the End early; otherwise the song only ends when the music ends, however long the music takes. It took some time for me to understand the UI.
  • You can just save the same Edit into 39 different save files (I name the song names 1 to 39). It is quite painful to do due to PSP save data management UI.
  • It is also quite painful to copy the data in Dreamy Theater 2nd (no Select All option)
  • For the ‘watching 39 different Edit songs’ trophy, you can first create a playlist containing the 39 different Edit songs, then watch the playlist instead.
  • As for ‘playing 39 different Edit songs’ trophy, there is no other way other than going through it one by one…

But yeah, another game off the load of my mind…


6 thoughts on “Dreamy Theater 2nd, trophy complete

      1. Helu Post author

        I see. I haven’t played Bioshock series at all but I know it’s one of the great series. Maybe someday I would jump onto more Western games such as Fallout and Bioshock. Not now though… ^^;

      2. Karl Weller

        Well I only purchased them because they were available for a reduced price. I did manage to get the platinum for Tales of Xillia, though failed miserably with its sequel which almost caused me to have a nervous breakdown. Haven’t really played a JRPG since. Though I’m sure I will again soon.

      3. Helu Post author

        Ah I see. Yeah, I have quite a number of RPGs in my backlog as well (e.g., Resonance Of Fate, Lighting Returns). They require heavy investment (time, understanding of the gameplay systems, making sure not to miss anything, etc) … -.-“

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