Ciel nosurge, trophy complete, but…


Strictly speaking, I haven’t beaten the game yet. There’s a final paid DLC add-on called Terminate Pack which has no trophies, that would task the player to build a complicated item (apparently it can take 300+ hours depending on how many items you already have currently) in order to see the game’s ending.

Not only that, there is a good/better/special/true ending only if you link up this game with the second game of Surge Concerto series, which is Ar nosurge. And I don’t have that game yet. So even if I were to buy Terminate Pack and build the item, I would only see the bad/normal/standard ending. Maybe I’ll get Ar nosurge once I have beaten more RPGs. That game seems quite interesting particularly since it features the older version of characters from Ciel nosurge.

So yeah, I think I’ll stop with this game for now, even though I haven’t beaten it. In the future if they shut down the server and the game is no longer playable, I can always buy this game’s ‘complete’ version called the Offline version, which as the name says has been modified to require no online connection and it has time-skipping features (and other extra features).

But yeah, as much as I have grown slightly attached with the game’s world, this game has literally taken my Vita hostage for months. I’m glad that it’s over for now and I can finally move on to another game on Vita.


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