Date A Live Rio Reincarnation, Platinum


Decided to just clear this very easy game (visual novel) before moving on to other games.

This Vita game actually contains both previous Date A Live PS3 games Rinne Utopia and Ars Install, plus a new scenario called Rio Reincarnation.

Since I played the PS3 games before, I just fast forwarded through their content. There’s a useful site to get all the endings & events etc.

I did savor the new scenario though. It has 4 endings (‘about one’ each for the game-exclusive heroines, including the new heroine Rio) but it’s really only one route (and it means no endings for the normal heroines, although I think they’ve had quite enough in the PS3 games).

I think the scenario is about the same length as ‘normal’ run in the PS3 games. So yeah, the extra content is neither a lot (definitely they can’t release it as a standalone game) nor it’s just an afterthought.

But yeah, to be able to meet with Rinne Sonogami and the Ars sisters again, even though they were supposed to disappear in previous PS3 games… T.T and to give options to stay with them in the ‘bad’ endings T_T

And the subtitle ‘Reincarnation’ is particularly fitting in one of the endings (pretty impressed with the concept 0.o)

So yeah, I pretty much enjoyed the new content X)

But yeah, I think that’s pretty much it for Date A Live visual novel games T.T The extra scenario in this game is like a ‘closure’ (that’s why they bring back the game-exclusive heroines for one last time). I think it’s quite ridiculous if they were to release another game with another game-exclusive heroine…

(Speaking of which, I don’t know what the Date A Live Movie is all about…)

Now, back to clearing my backlog… ^^;


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