Last days of this blog?

Still progressing on Neptune Re;Birth 3. I feel like I’ve done this before… ^^; (the gameplay hasn’t really changed since Re;Birth 1, just tweaks and UI improvements).

Anyway, I’ve had this gaming diary blog for more than 5 years, with about 1,000 posts (most of them ‘short reports’). It’s my ‘most successful’ blog, and the stats are ‘not bad’, although I wonder how many of those are actually real people visits…  ^^; (i.e., not just some computer programs)

And now I’m thinking of taking it to the next level with self-hosted site (still WordPress, but not This time, it will not be just about gaming (the ‘limitation’ of this current blog), and it will have ‘higher production values’.

On the other hand, I don’t think it’s going to change much ^^; I am still me, and it’s not like I suddenly have a new interest just because I’m creating a new blog…

I’m also still not ready to reveal my real-life identity yet (maybe sometime in the future…)

But yeah, thank you for visiting this blog (and if you’re a long-time visitor, for all these years). I hope you also take interest in my next blog, which will hopefully be more than just ‘some random guy posting a short text-only short report of his gaming’ ^^;


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