Dreamy Theater 2nd, trophy complete


I managed to unlock all trophies of Dreamy Theater 2nd, the ‘PS3 HD add-on’ of PSP game Project Diva 2nd. There is no Platinum trophy since it’s a download-only game.

I was left with only 2 trophies; 1 for playing 39 different Edit songs and 1 for watching 39 different Edit songs. I don’t know where to find Project Diva 2nd Edit song data on Internet and I no longer have physical copy of the game, so I bought the digital copy of the game for 3,086 yen (that I installed on Vita, even though I had been playing the game on PSP).

It was quite a painful and tedious process, the whole thing, but I can confirm a few things:

  • You can transfer save data from PSP to Vita via PS3.
  • After transferring save data to Vita, you have to load it and then save once; otherwise the Dreamy Theater 2nd ‘sync app’ (which is another PSP-format app that you have to install on Vita) won’t accept it at first since it recognizes the save data as ‘coming from different PSP’. After you saved once, the sync app will then recognize the save data as coming from Vita itself.
  • But yeah, the sync app works between Vita and PS3 as well (I read that it didn’t use to work back in the days).
  • In Project Diva 2nd, You can just make a simple Edit song (e.g., with only 1 note). Important is to set the End early; otherwise the song only ends when the music ends, however long the music takes. It took some time for me to understand the UI.
  • You can just save the same Edit into 39 different save files (I name the song names 1 to 39). It is quite painful to do due to PSP save data management UI.
  • It is also quite painful to copy the data in Dreamy Theater 2nd (no Select All option)
  • For the ‘watching 39 different Edit songs’ trophy, you can first create a playlist containing the 39 different Edit songs, then watch the playlist instead.
  • As for ‘playing 39 different Edit songs’ trophy, there is no other way other than going through it one by one…

But yeah, another game off the load of my mind…


Onechambara Z Kagura, Platinum


Finally managed to get Platinum trophy of Onechambara Z Kagura (with NoNoNo!). According to PSNTrophyLeaders, I did it in 2 years and 1 month.

Not sure if I would get Onechambara Z2 Chaos for PS4 in the future. It seems to have better visuals (no more jaggy shadows) and more high-speed action (like how you can dash toward locked-on enemy).

But yeah, at least I wouldn’t feel guilty about buying it since I already completed the first game. I just hope they tone down ridiculous Quest requirements.

The next game in my quest of completing DLC add-on trophies seems to be Metal Gear Rising Revengeance… (although I might change my decision…)


Onechambara Z Kagura, Last Grind


Gotta say, I’m down to Onechambara Z Kagura’s last grind, which is to collect 5 million Yellow Orbs. After I’m done with this, I would have completed the last Quest and get the Platinum trophy.

But yeah, the Quest’s progress bar doesn’t seem to move at all…

I don’t know why sometimes games have ridiculous trophies like this. Kamen Rider Battride War has this trophy where you need to ride the bike for 555km (which turns out to take a very long time), the first version of Dead Or Alive 5 asks you to play 1,000 online matches (which is arguably still reasonable for a fighting game), and the next example is Xbox 360, but Gears Of War actually asks you to kill 10,000 times in online matches, which is insane if you think about it; if you kill 10 times a day, the achievement would take 3 years to unlock. If you want to finish it in a year, you would need to kill about 30 each day. Even if you work hard and kill 100 times a day, it would still take you about 3 months.

Fortunately, arcade stick with turbo feature (and weights to keep certain buttons pressed) can help with some of these trophies, including this game. It’s possible to leave the Yellow Orb farming overnight by going to Chapter Select and select either Chapter 7 or 15, with Kagura equipped with Berserk Ring and Chaser skill.

Unfortunately, to skip the cutscenes to speed things up would require pressing start button at cutscene parts (but not gameplay). So leaving the game overnight is slower than if you also supervise the screen and press start button at appropriate times (while doing other stuffs).

Onechambara Z Kagura, All Missions V Rank


Managed to do probably the most intimidating part of the game (for me) and that is to get V rank (the highest rank) for all 25 Missions (challenge stages).

But as many people have kindly shared their knowledge on Internet (English and Japanese alike), it’s less about skill and more about understanding the ranking system, and fulfilling as many checklist items as possible.

The checklist:

  • Avoid getting hit as much as possible
  • 500 hit combo
  • 100 kill combo
  • 20 Cool Combinations
  • 30 Splatters (cut enemy cleanly into half)

And there are tricks to achieve these checklist items, all using Kagura as the character:

Avoid getting hit as much as possible: use Aegis Barrier skill (shield)

100 kill combo + 30 Splatter: spam Heavy Wave skill. On stronger enemies such as Werewolves, switch it up with the stronger Chaser skill to keep the kill combo going. Even consider getting in Berserk mode (with the special ring).

20 Cool Combinations: equip the ring that makes Cool Combination timing easier, and use a short combo such as square x 3 triangle. Use Mirage skill (body double) so you only need to perform successfully 10 instead of 20 times.

500 hit combo: Either #1 use charged circle attack (plus Mirage skill to speed things up) on downed boss enemy instead of finishing it off with when the square + x prompt appears or #2 drag a zombie out of the crowd using the Dagger, cut off his legs, and keep using the Dagger’s no-damage ‘pull’ move (#2 is a bit long and boring).

But yeah, other than the checklist, you can do pretty much anything; you can take your own time, buy items, switch equipment and skill at the statue etc.

The mission with most strict ranking for me happens to be mission 24. Supposedly missions 9 and 22 are troublesome as well, but I didn’t have trouble with them (I guess I was being hardcore about fulfilling the checklist items haha).

Unfortunately I’m not over yet with this game, as I see heavy grinding ahead for the remaining trophies… -.-”

And oh yeah, Happy New Year 2016 ^^;

Onechambara Z Kagura, Aya & Saki DLC

As my previous post, I decided to focus on DLC trophies, so I bought the Aya & Saki DLC add-on for Onechambara Z Kagura and managed to unlock all its extra trophies.



I like how Aya & Saki has different mechanics than Kagura & Saaya. One of those different mechanics is that Aya & Saki can counter enemies if they dodge at the right time (and to the right place) (their evasive maneuver is not as nimble as Kagura & Saaya, but in return they have this ability). This trophy is unlocked for performing counter many times.


Yet another unique ability of Aya & Saki. This mechanic rewards player for successfully performing Cool Combination as it builds Ecstasy Gauge, which can be used to perform a special devastating attack. This trophy is for doing that attack many times.

It’s very easy to build up the Ecstasy Gauge by spamming Aya’s jumping circle attack when she’s equipped with the ring that makes performing Cool Combination easier.


This is probably the trophy that requires the most skill as player needs to time their button presses correctly to pull off the long combo below:

So if I remember correctly, quite a while ago OshareKeiji gave me a tip: I should purposely dull my weapon by getting it all sticky with blood. So the attacks become slower and hence it’s become slightly easier to time it/perform Cool Combination. It’s quite amazing how I still remember the advice ^^;

But yeah, after lots of attempts I managed to pull it off.


The last trophy I earned. This one basically is to kill many enemies while in Berserk Mode. It can be sped up by equipping a ring that makes the character always in Berserk Mode.


But yeah, now I’m thinking whether I should complete the main game’s trophies, or move on to another DLC add-on…

Starlight Stage Platinum Gasha II

Managed to earn 2,500 Star Jewels again so I could have another go with the 10-card Platinum Gasha.

New Rare cards:


I’m particularly happy about getting Natalia (the Brazilian idol) since I already took notice of her ever since the original mobage ^^

Out of the 4 idols, only the military one (Aki Yamato) has a voice. The voiced idols usually have priority as Event SR card prizes.

At first I didn’t realize it was new, but I also got another SR card of Haruna Kamijo. I said another because one of the previous Event’s SR card prizes is also that of Haruna Kamijo (although it’s a different card).

Still no sign of SSR card yet… This despite the fact that they increased the probability of getting SSR card from 1.5% to 3% for a limited time… T.T

It’s gonna be some time before I can rack up 2,500 Star Jewels again…

Using DualShock 4 on PS3


One of the good things about PS3 and PS4 is that they use the same set of cables; same power cable, HDMI and Ethernet cable. So if you can only have one of them on the table for example, and you want to switch between PS3 and PS4 games, you can just swap the ‘box’ as needed. (The same is true if you have PlayStation TV as well.)

Recently I also found out that you can actually use DualShock 4 on PS3! I don’t know why, but the analog sticks of my DualShock 3 get disgustingly sticky (probably due to heat from the sun…) so I don’t want to use it.

Just connect DualShock 4 to PS3 with micro USB cable and it’ll work! There’s even a way to make it work wirelessly, although due to my setup, I usually just keep my controller wired.

However, there are a few catches…

The home/PS button doesn’t work! It strangely only works to turn on the PS3, but it doesn’t work at all after that. What this means is that once you enter the game, you can’t use the button to quit the game (or access XMB to check trophies etc). The only way to quit the game is really to turn off the PS3 (and then turn it on again).

Also, after entering the game, sometimes the controller lost connection (even though it worked while in XMB). How I fix this is by plugging out and in the micro USB cable.

But yeah, guess I’ll stick with using DualShock 4 on PS3, rather than buying a new DualShock 3… To me DualShock 4 is more ergonomic.

Update: So there’s a way to make DualShock 4 fully functional on PS3 (i.e., the home button works all the time at the cost of it not being able to be used to turn on PS3, and no disconnection after starting a game), but it requires you to have this accessory called Titan One (I might talk about this device in future post) which I happen to have.