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Atelier Ayesha, Platinum


This is it; the very first Atelier game I managed to complete and get platinum trophy, but with constant hand-holding from wiki and guides.

It’s kind of funny; this is a kind of game that I (and probably others) were searching for: an RPG game that is not ‘linear’, not cliché about saving the world, not all about battles, and gives more screen time than normal to sub-characters.

But maybe sometimes we don’t actually want what we think we want…

But yeah, nice graphics and atmosphere, the characters are likable, and the music grew up on me (even the comedic and slice-of-life kind) even though I only played the game for just a week.

I also like Ayesha when she is shivering. Very cute XD

I think I got the hang of alchemy system a bit, the ‘flow’ of the game (the time system, fulfilling requests, getting more recipes, duplicating items via shops, triggering events etc) (though I guess it’s different for each Atelier game).

But yeah, hopefully some of these knowledge can transfer over to other Atelier games. Backlog wise, I still have Totori Plus, Meruru Plus and Shin Rorona… (And for the next one I’ll be playing, I plan to play with less hand-holding, and don’t care if I get bad ending or need multiple playthroughs.)


Atelier Ayesha

I bought both DLC add-ons of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (Sam and Blade Wolf) but was put off by the difficulty of those DLC add-ons (some of the VR missions, and the Revengeance difficulty itself).

Generally, the parry system, which seems to be of critical importance in higher difficulties… I don’t know, I can’t seem to execute it consistently (it’s flick the left stick toward the incoming attack + press attack button at the same time) (naturally if we perform it wrong, it becomes an attack and if we’re really supposed to parry at the moment we’ll get hit instead etc).

Instead, I looked at my RPG backlog and for some reason decided on Atelier Ayesha (the non-‘Plus’ PS3 version).


I’m basically following a guide to the letter though; those ‘get everything in one playthrough’ kind.

I’m a beginner when it comes to Atelier series. I know I’m supposed to experiment and generally just have fun in the first playthrough while learning the system, and then attempts to do better in my next playthroughs.

But yeah, it doesn’t really sit well with my attempt to clear my backlog. If it’s the only game that I have, sure… but right now it’s not the case. Maybe when I have less backlog I would attempt a no-guide Atelier game playthrough… (I still have Totori Plus, Meruru Plus and New Rorona) but yeah, not now.

Anyway, I’m liking so far the graphics, the characters, the voices, the music etc of Atelier Ayesha. I think it’s really not a bad game to be immersed into.

I’ve played quite far into the game now that it would be a waste to stop halfway. So I’m confident that I would clear the game; it’s just a matter of whether I can do it in one playthrough or that I would need an additional one (if I screw up in following the guide somewhere).

This is really my first real dive into series (the other Atelier games, I just tried for 30 minutes and gave up halfway) but still with hand-holding.