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Ciel nosurge, trophy complete, but…


Strictly speaking, I haven’t beaten the game yet. There’s a final paid DLC add-on called Terminate Pack which has no trophies, that would task the player to build a complicated item (apparently it can take 300+ hours depending on how many items you already have currently) in order to see the game’s ending.

Not only that, there is a good/better/special/true ending only if you link up this game with the second game of Surge Concerto series, which is Ar nosurge. And I don’t have that game yet. So even if I were to buy Terminate Pack and build the item, I would only see the bad/normal/standard ending. Maybe I’ll get Ar nosurge once I have beaten more RPGs. That game seems quite interesting particularly since it features the older version of characters from Ciel nosurge.

So yeah, I think I’ll stop with this game for now, even though I haven’t beaten it. In the future if they shut down the server and the game is no longer playable, I can always buy this game’s ‘complete’ version called the Offline version, which as the name says has been modified to require no online connection and it has time-skipping features (and other extra features).

But yeah, as much as I have grown slightly attached with the game’s world, this game has literally taken my Vita hostage for months. I’m glad that it’s over for now and I can finally move on to another game on Vita.


13 Dec 2015

Ciel nosurge

Ion finally cheered up (and the accompanying trophy popped up) ^^

So I can finally progress in the game again.

(The time to buy a new memory card is soon approaching…)

MGSV Phantom Pain

Halfway there… (54%)

Managed to capture all animals in the game, besides the two that will be available in upcoming Side Ops. One of the techniques to capture ‘rare’ Uncommon animals is to lower the rank of the Capture Cage item. The Tsuchinoko sells for 200,000 GMP each. First time I got 7 of them in one go and I had a surprising 1,400,000 GMP income 0.o I tried again at the same spot, but this time I got all Gerbils… It might be worth trying to farm them again, but I should wait until a landing zone closer to that spot is unlocked first.

In Blood Runs Deep mission, I thought it was impossible to rescue the children without the enemies checking the cell and noticing that they escaped. Which is why I thought the special Fulton device for children has to be developed first to accomplish this task (so I can Fulton them in the air as soon as I rescued them). But it’s actually possible; you just have to capture the base (Fulton all enemies) and the area before the goal first…

But in War Economy mission, I do have to develop Wormhole Fulton first to extract those indoor material containers… -_- This mission is pretty easy though once you know the gist of it.

I also unlocked probably the only PlayStation Plus-required trophy in the game (play FOB mission) by signing up for the free 2-day trial ^^;


9 Dec 2015

Ciel nosurge

Almost there… 85% progress on the 1st trophy list.

Basically I reached a certain game state where Ion is feeling down, and I’m supposed to ‘nadenade’ (don’t know the English word) her head for 3 times or so, at least 12-hour apart each time. I prepared by making sure there’s no upcoming date and she’s not making anything before reaching this state (to prevent bugs).

Gotta say, I don’t really care about the story anymore. Maybe someday I’ll go back and re-read them again… This series is pretty unique because this game is a real-time dating sim with ‘uncovering past memory’ mechanic, but it has continuation in the form of RPG called Ar nosurge (with some connectivity between 2 games) (with gameplay based on another series called Ar tonelico).

MGSV Phantom Pain

So I stumbled upon a mission objective that I know can be completed easily if I were to possess certain equipment which can only be acquired later in the game.

It’s interfering with my policy to clear all mission objectives (and also S-rank the mission) before tackling the next mission.

Personally, it’s kind of a bummer to me when developers used this kind of design… ^^;

Anyway, I started to capture animals now, using useful guides such as PowerPyx’s of course. I don’t have the motivation to do it in one-shot, so I’ll probably capture minimum a new animal each day from now on until it’s complete… (I read that there are annoying ones)

What I didn’t know is that capturing animals can also bump up the completion counter. Mine is up to 44% now.

1 Dec 2015

Year’s end is almost here!

Kantai Collection

Doesn’t actively participate in Fall 2015 Event, although I managed to reach E-4 map (Easy of course). Stuck at trying to get Prinz Eugen. I managed to get Kashima (new ship girl), Tokitsukaze, Asashio and Hayashio. Not really interested with the other ship rewards… (Graf Zeppelin maybe…)

Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage

Similarly I gave up on the latest Event halfway. Supposed to get SR cards of Kirari and Jougasaki Mika, but fuck it. To me it’s Love Live! School Idol Festival all over again (taking too much of my attention and time). I’ll still keep the app on my phone and play the game at times, but as a rhythm game and not card collection game.

Ciel nosurge


I’m almost there… (the 1st trophy list is up to Sekai Pack Vol. 8)

Still undecided whether to continue to 2nd trophy list (up to Sekai Pack Vol.12 and supposedly Terminate Pack). One thing for sure though is I would need a bigger memory card, as the entire game barely fits my 4GB memory card (after erasing all other games).

But yeah, this game… -.- And I decided not to buy any new game until I complete this one. I don’t think I can finish it by Miracle Girls Festival release date (17 Dec).

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain


38%, S-ranking and completing all mission objectives of Main Ops, and clearing all unlocked Side Ops.

One thing I’ve been neglecting is capturing animals… This game has too much side activities ^^;

December Lookouts

10 Dec

New chapter of Kantai Collection Itsuka Shizukana Umi De at ComicWalker (hopefully).

With this chapter, it should be enough to compile recent chapters to volume 3.

It seems they are extending the series past 3 volumes, which is good news (I think somewhere in volume 2 they were saying about thinking to end it at vol 3).

24 Dec

Ip Man 3… X)


Yeah, I skipped Star Wars (though I might still watch it)…

21 Nov 2015

Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage

New event (again…)

And in-between, there was a mini-event (more like Chance Time) to get some Rare idols (of which I still didn’t manage to get Jougasaki Rika).

This is the game’s first Passion main event. Gotta say, I missed the first Cute event so I guess I won’t be able to unlock the event commu (mini-conversations) ever (unless the developers chose to release them).

But yeah, the reward idols this time are Jougasaki Mika and Kirari. Would’ve preferred Rika given my current collection… She’s available as this event’s Platinum Gacha SSR card instead (and I still don’t have a single SSR card…).

Kantai Collection

Fall 2015 event now.

Summer 2015 event was the very first event I played as KanColle player, and even when I played on Easy, I couldn’t complete it (stuck at the last map). Well, it was supposed to be a difficult event.

This time I would try  to beat the event on Easy, even though I might be inclined to try Medium (to me, there is order in things ^^;).

Liking the new event reward ships, but I’m more interested about getting the German ships that I still don’t have such as Prinz Eugen and U-511. They are reportedly dropped in E-4 map… ^^;

Ciel nosurge (gaming decision)

I decided not to buy any new game until I completed this game’s trophies (and it’s still an open point whether I should complete the second list).

That means I would miss out on the soon-to-be-released Neptune X Sega Hard Girls (I have Neptune series’ backlog anyway), even possibly Miracle Girls Festival in December.

This game is literally a ticking time bomb now, as the online service has been running for years. Once it’s stopped, the chance to complete the trophies would be gone forever…

Ciel nosurge: no more dates?


Managed to get all trophies for 「DLC Pack #1: セカイパックvol.2 試練編第二幕」a few days ago…

But yeah, no more dates from Ion. I guess I’ve already seen all the dates that can be unlocked without purchasing additional DLC.

My trophy list is still 25% though… the list goes all the way to  「DLC Pack #14:  セカイパックvol.8 崩壊編最終幕」 and 「DLC Pack #15: コスチューム&アクセサリー 紫陽咲花」.

There is even a 2nd trophy list… but we can now remove 0% trophy lists if we wish too…

Supposedly the one DLC bundle that I can buy that lets me reach 100% for the 1st trophy list is フルアップデートセット, which costs 5657 yen… (urgh). There’s also the ‘for the busy people’ version at 6171 yen.

One day they will shut down this game service (and I feel it’s near), at which point the trophies will no longer be obtainable…

So yeah, I feel like I’m being extorted here ^^; GUST is a scary company… -_-“


Kantai Collection

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 00.02.59

It’s been some time, but I finally made some progress i.e. unlocked a new map; managed to clear 3-2 with 1 Light Cruiser flagship (Jintsuu Kai Ni) and 5 Kai Ni Destroyers. The next map, 3-3, is supposedly a good map for Carriers.

But yeah, no report of new ships ^^; Trying to get either Taihou, Shoukaku or Akatsukimaru with Large Scale Construction, but ends up with Maruyu or obtained ships -.-;

Edit: Cleared 3-3 as well. Now that I cleared 3-2, I think I’m losing the motivation to level up Destroyers… ^^; (which I have been doing for the past weeks)

Persona 4 Dancing All Night

Bought Adachi DLC; he is dancing to the extended ‘Fog’ song (which I’m familiar most as the music played in Persona 4 Arena when performing a finisher).

It’s pretty cool. But yeah, waiting for the Hatsune Miku DLC next (should be next week if not the week after).

Ciel nosurge

So apparently before I put down this game some time ago, I ‘promised’ Ciel to go on a date on weekend to the beach. And that promise is still in effect 0.o

So yeah, let’s see what happens tomorrow (Saturday). Maybe it’s a bug and that I should cancel the date, so that I can move on with other dates to get the rest of the trophies.

Date A Live Vita

Playing it very slowly… (like one Scene a day) (this game has about 430 scenes… ^^;)

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

As you might know, this game would release in a month’s time. I’m anticipating it and I’ve been rewatching the past videos ^^