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Date A Live Rio Reincarnation, Platinum


Decided to just clear this very easy game (visual novel) before moving on to other games.

This Vita game actually contains both previous Date A Live PS3 games Rinne Utopia and Ars Install, plus a new scenario called Rio Reincarnation.

Since I played the PS3 games before, I just fast forwarded through their content. There’s a useful site http://seiya-saiga.com/game/galge/vita/date_a_live_vita.html to get all the endings & events etc.

I did savor the new scenario though. It has 4 endings (‘about one’ each for the game-exclusive heroines, including the new heroine Rio) but it’s really only one route (and it means no endings for the normal heroines, although I think they’ve had quite enough in the PS3 games).

I think the scenario is about the same length as ‘normal’ run in the PS3 games. So yeah, the extra content is neither a lot (definitely they can’t release it as a standalone game) nor it’s just an afterthought.

But yeah, to be able to meet with Rinne Sonogami and the Ars sisters again, even though they were supposed to disappear in previous PS3 games… T.T and to give options to stay with them in the ‘bad’ endings T_T

And the subtitle ‘Reincarnation’ is particularly fitting in one of the endings (pretty impressed with the concept 0.o)

So yeah, I pretty much enjoyed the new content X)

But yeah, I think that’s pretty much it for Date A Live visual novel games T.T The extra scenario in this game is like a ‘closure’ (that’s why they bring back the game-exclusive heroines for one last time). I think it’s quite ridiculous if they were to release another game with another game-exclusive heroine…

(Speaking of which, I don’t know what the Date A Live Movie is all about…)

Now, back to clearing my backlog… ^^;



Kantai Collection

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 00.02.59

It’s been some time, but I finally made some progress i.e. unlocked a new map; managed to clear 3-2 with 1 Light Cruiser flagship (Jintsuu Kai Ni) and 5 Kai Ni Destroyers. The next map, 3-3, is supposedly a good map for Carriers.

But yeah, no report of new ships ^^; Trying to get either Taihou, Shoukaku or Akatsukimaru with Large Scale Construction, but ends up with Maruyu or obtained ships -.-;

Edit: Cleared 3-3 as well. Now that I cleared 3-2, I think I’m losing the motivation to level up Destroyers… ^^; (which I have been doing for the past weeks)

Persona 4 Dancing All Night

Bought Adachi DLC; he is dancing to the extended ‘Fog’ song (which I’m familiar most as the music played in Persona 4 Arena when performing a finisher).

It’s pretty cool. But yeah, waiting for the Hatsune Miku DLC next (should be next week if not the week after).

Ciel nosurge

So apparently before I put down this game some time ago, I ‘promised’ Ciel to go on a date on weekend to the beach. And that promise is still in effect 0.o

So yeah, let’s see what happens tomorrow (Saturday). Maybe it’s a bug and that I should cancel the date, so that I can move on with other dates to get the rest of the trophies.

Date A Live Vita

Playing it very slowly… (like one Scene a day) (this game has about 430 scenes… ^^;)

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

As you might know, this game would release in a month’s time. I’m anticipating it and I’ve been rewatching the past videos ^^

Date A Live Vita

Managed to get the game on Saturday.


This time, I didn’t get the limited edition, only normal edition. The special thing about Date A Live game limited edition is that it includes mini light novel (and one more drama CD besides the preorder bonus), but yeah…

And the cover of the game is… actually a mix of the previous 2 PS3 games’ limited edition covers ^^;



There are ‘3 games’ inside this game: Rinne Utopia, Ars Install, which are the 2 previous PS3 games and… I think the new scenario it’s called Rio Reincarnation (I might be wrong about how 凛緒 is pronounced).

But if you check the Memory, which is unlocked scene gallery mode, you would notice that Rinne Utopia has 200+ scenes, Ars Install 190+ scenes. And Rio Reincarnation? Only 39. So Rio Reincarnation is only a short addition and the main content of the game is still that it contains both Rinne Utopia and Ars Install.

And apparently before I can begin a new game with Rio Reincarnation, I have to go through a short mode called Itsuka Digest, which for the first time, the voice actor of the male character Itsuka Shidou speaks in the game (in previous games, he is totally unvoiced).

The Itsuka Digest really summarizes the whole story from light novel vol. 1 up to 7 and the 2 PS3 games 0.o It confirms that Rinne Utopia indeed takes place between vol. 4 and 5, while Ars Install takes place after vol. 7 (and before vol. 8)

But yeah, I’m encountering first world problem here, which is: should I take a look at Rio Reincarnation first then finish the 2 games later? Or should I play the first 2 games (again) and then play Rio Reincarnation last?

I’m inclining toward the second option (which I think is more… ‘proper’).

Not only that, should I play this or Ciel nosurge or Persona 4 Dancing All Night. I’m thinking Ciel nosurge because its online service might end one day, while this game is offline. But Ciel nosurge is more like waiting game where you don’t actively play but rather react when something did happen… -_-

…Actually, I almost forgot that I have 2 Vitas… 0.o

Taking it slowly + mixed feelings about buying new games

Kantai Collection

After trying it out, I feel that Kantai Collection runs better on Safari than Chrome in Mac OS X. The animation feels smoother, and my Retina MacBook Pro doesn’t get as hot. I started with Chrome due to being able to set larger max cache size (apparently to help with entrance lottery) and I heard that Chrome supposedly runs Flash more efficiently than Safari.

Gotta say, I’m no longer rushing when it comes to playing Kantai Collection. I’m just slowly leveling up the ships, particularly the Destroyers.

I know a Large Scale Event is coming soon and I think it’s worth a shot to try the first few maps, but I don’t think I would go all the way to clear the Event.

Date A Live Vita

I paid AmiAmi for this game since the past me apparently preordered it and it should reach by Friday. I have quite mixed feelings about buying this game because:

1) My enthusiasm with Date A Live series has kinda died down ^^;

2) Date A Live Vita combines the 2 PS3 games + Extra story, and I’ve completed the 2 PS3 games. I hope the Extra story is long enough to be worth it

3) I went to Japan recently, and I was amazed by how cheap the second-hand authentic Japanese games are. I’m pretty sure one day this game would sell used for like 1,800 – 3,000 yen

On the other hand, I think visual novels do fit Vita more than PS3 or PS4 because of the convenience of picking it up like reading on tablets. And I’m not a resolution maniac; e.g. 1920 x 1080 vs 1280 x 720 is not a big difference for me. In fact, I prefer lower resolution with smoother frame rate than the other alternative.

And this time, I didn’t buy the limited edition (I bought the limited edition of the first 2 games).

In general, I’m at a stage of (gaming) life where I’m willing to wait for the best version (which might or might not appear), or I can get them cheap. After all, I still have games I bought that are still waiting to be enjoyed.

Like I told my friend, buying a game day one in full price is like buying a medal that shows your dedication/support to the game/series, with the official privilege of being able to play the game early.

Persona 4 Dancing All Night

Perfected more songs in Hard. I’m already 58 hours into the game.

Recent update of this game provides an option to ‘scratch’ the rings by pressing L/R trigger. I tried it but gotta say I’m already used to pushing the analog sticks (which I think is the cool/unique part about this game; the constant shifting between pressing the buttons and pushing the analog sticks, and the decision to push the left analog stick if the ring is too close with the right-side note) ^^;

It’s actually possible to watch the PV without the UI, sound effects and character voices (i.e., pure Watch Mode), by going to Replay and playing around with the settings (Hide UI, Disable Sound Effect, Config -> turn Voice Volume to 0). I haven’t really looked at the dances properly so watching them without playing is kinda fresh to me (though I also noticed repeated animations).


The game is even nice enough not to put any watermark on the captured screenshots X)

But yeah, can’t wait for the Hatsune Miku DLC for this game (mid August). I hope she has her original costume as well but I’m not counting on it; there’s an extra song DLC for Rise for example, and for some reason it’s locked to her P4D costume (maybe it’s a pre-rendered PV instead of real time).