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Atelier Ayesha

I bought both DLC add-ons of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance (Sam and Blade Wolf) but was put off by the difficulty of those DLC add-ons (some of the VR missions, and the Revengeance difficulty itself).

Generally, the parry system, which seems to be of critical importance in higher difficulties… I don’t know, I can’t seem to execute it consistently (it’s flick the left stick toward the incoming attack + press attack button at the same time) (naturally if we perform it wrong, it becomes an attack and if we’re really supposed to parry at the moment we’ll get hit instead etc).

Instead, I looked at my RPG backlog and for some reason decided on Atelier Ayesha (the non-‘Plus’ PS3 version).


I’m basically following a guide to the letter though; those ‘get everything in one playthrough’ kind.

I’m a beginner when it comes to Atelier series. I know I’m supposed to experiment and generally just have fun in the first playthrough while learning the system, and then attempts to do better in my next playthroughs.

But yeah, it doesn’t really sit well with my attempt to clear my backlog. If it’s the only game that I have, sure… but right now it’s not the case. Maybe when I have less backlog I would attempt a no-guide Atelier game playthrough… (I still have Totori Plus, Meruru Plus and New Rorona) but yeah, not now.

Anyway, I’m liking so far the graphics, the characters, the voices, the music etc of Atelier Ayesha. I think it’s really not a bad game to be immersed into.

I’ve played quite far into the game now that it would be a waste to stop halfway. So I’m confident that I would clear the game; it’s just a matter of whether I can do it in one playthrough or that I would need an additional one (if I screw up in following the guide somewhere).

This is really my first real dive into series (the other Atelier games, I just tried for 30 minutes and gave up halfway) but still with hand-holding.


Onechambara Z Kagura, Platinum


Finally managed to get Platinum trophy of Onechambara Z Kagura (with NoNoNo!). According to PSNTrophyLeaders, I did it in 2 years and 1 month.

Not sure if I would get Onechambara Z2 Chaos for PS4 in the future. It seems to have better visuals (no more jaggy shadows) and more high-speed action (like how you can dash toward locked-on enemy).

But yeah, at least I wouldn’t feel guilty about buying it since I already completed the first game. I just hope they tone down ridiculous Quest requirements.

The next game in my quest of completing DLC add-on trophies seems to be Metal Gear Rising Revengeance… (although I might change my decision…)


Metal Gear Rising Naked And Unloved


Just beat Hard mode. It apparently wasn’t as hard as I expected ^^

Probably it’s because I’m using fully upgraded Fox Blade, which may be overpowered ^^; This blade has a (big) chance of cutting enemies, even if they are not weakened yet.

And I finally earned the Naked And Unloved title, which can be gotten by completing Hard without upgrading life and fuel gauges. This title is kinda controversial because once you upgraded your life and fuel gauges, you can’t ‘un-upgrade’ them, hence it’s missable. Although you can ‘start a new game’ that somehow keeps your etc collection, you would still lose your upgrades and battle rankings, which sucks. Imagine you spent a lot of time and efforts to get those S-ranks, only to find that you have to completely lose them in order to get this one title… -.-”

I didn’t earn any trophy though. There are trophies for beating bosses in Hard without taking any damage, but I got hit in every of the fights ^^; I suppose I can now go to chapter select and keep trying the boss fights… or see what the Revengeance difficulty is all about…

Metal Gear Rising Amateur Radio Operator trophy


Just completed my playthrough to get Amateur Radio Operator trophy.

This trophy basically asks player to listen to most of the codec conversations.

My trophy popped up on chapter 6 and I can pretty much confirm that you can fast forward the conversations; the last conversation where I got the trophy, I was fast-forwarding it.

I personally think that the developers rather overdid the codec conversations in this game. This game doesn’t need that many conversations, since it’s an action game and all. Some are backstory, some are moral issues talk, some are gameplay hints, but some are just… extras -_-;

And the long-winded conversations can be at odds with the gameplay. A player like me may want to advance in the game, but I also want to listen to all codec conversations, so I listen and listen and listen… annoyed that I can’t move on just yet -.-;

I haven’t actually touched the Hard mode of this game yet, and some trophies are only accessible from Hard onward. My thinking is that since I can earn BP and upgrade your equipments in lower difficulties and then use them in Hard, why would I challenge Hard too early without having sufficiently upgraded my equipments? ^^;

I have pretty much upgraded the equipments I think I would need though, so I’m pretty sure I would be tackling Hard next. I’m also going to tackle it without upgraded life and fuel cells (HP and MP in RPGs) since there is a Title for it. Hopefully no very frustrating parts ^^;

Big Boss Emblem run diary, stopped short


So I reached Act 3 and the bike chase part.

It is indeed the hardest part in Big Boss Emblem run and I was stuck at the second part.

Though I kinda have an idea on how to increase my odds in this section (smoke grenades, twin barrel with V ring etc), I did the stupidest thing I could do. While I was cleaning up the saves, I inadvertently DELETED my last progress (which is the bike chase part) along with the previous saves.

This means I gotta start Big Boss Emblem run ALL OVER AGAIN.

Luckily I didn’t delete the previous playthrough’s clear data as well or I really have to start from scratch… -.-;

Save management is such a fearful thing… -_-”

Anyway, I kinda gave up on this game for now. Maybe I would tackle it another time, but for now I want to try other games ^^;

Onechambara Kagura Z

I was near the end of Hard playthrough, so I beat it and got the ‘clear Hard’ trophy along with ‘collect all Saaya’s weapons’ trophy (I didn’t have enough money to purchase her last weapon back then).

It took a while to adjust from Drag-on Dragoon 3’s controls. Drag-on Dragoon 3 seems to be a simpler action game in terms of battle system but I think it’s also more intuitive.

The gameplay of wiping off blood from swords to prevent damage reduction feels unnecessary -_-;

I’m starting Violent difficulty though I don’t feel very motivated. The game kinda degenerates into using Kagura’s powerful Vamp Skill (the one that shoots rockets) and then doing Blood Recovery to replenish health (which takes quite some time).

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance


Picked up the game again. I think I was in the middle of a Normal playthrough to get ‘clear Normal without continues’ and ‘clear game using HF blade only’ titles, at the same time earning enough BP to upgrade the blades in preparation for Hard difficulty and above.

The no.1 reason for using continues (at least in Normal playthrough) is actually during mini-games. And you can’t just exit and reload game, since the game automatically saves when you game over.

There is basically a save trick: there are 3 save slots and you can copy save data from one slot to another. So you can copy your current save to another slot and play on that slot if there’s a likelihood of game over. After you passed through that section successfully, you can copy the save data back to the main slot again.

Metal Gear Rising


Picked up Metal Gear Rising again, the Japanese version.

When I stopped, I had done multiple playthroughs of the US version and was halfway on the first, normal playthrough of Japanese version.

Even though it’s been a while since I last played this game, when I came back I could immediately start parrying and cutting down the enemies in style. I guess the combat system is very intuitive. It’s a very satisfying feeling.

Decided not to get the gold trophy which requires you to keep talking with the codecs for now. Doing that makes the pacing a bit too slow for my patience right now. Let’s save it for last.

This time I focused on collecting all the items. Last time (on US version) I didn’t use a guide and missed some of the items. I’m now using a guide so as to not miss any item as I played through the Japanese version. In fact, I had just collected every items. I just need to beat the final chapter in order for the trophies to unlock (my heart skipped a beat when the trophies didn’t unlock and I didn’t know you have to beat the chapter ^^;).

I have been careful not to upgrade Raiden’s life and fuel cells and pick up fuel cell upgrades, so as to get the elusive Naked And Unloved title from the start.

I unlocked Gray Fox outfit and the corresponding Fox Blade. The outfit is very cool (I’m a big fan of Cyborg Ninja) and the Fox Blade can cut enemies easily even with normal attacks (must be careful to not carelessly cut the cyborgs whose left arms you can collect though).


It’s just nitpicking but I kinda wish the Cyborg Ninja’s red eye glows more during zandatsu. Also wished they didn’t use prerendered movies for many of the cutscenes so you could see Cyborg Ninja doing all those amazing stuffs.

Japanese Version

I got the Japanese version of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance a few days ago.


Now that I think about it, it’s been a while since I got both versions of a Japanese game. Last time I used to buy the English version first, to understand the game, and then buy the Japanese version to get what was ‘lost’ during localization. These days I just get the Japanese version.

The reasons I also bought the US version for this game were 1) it was released early. The US release date was two days earlier than other regions, and it even broke the release date and 2) Metal Gear series’ voice acting is pretty notable, and the differences between English and Japanese voice-acting in the series have been interesting comparisons for me. I have had the pleasures of enjoying both versions of previous Metal Gear installments, and I rather keep the tradition than make an exception.

I gotta say, I’m mildly disappointed with the English version. The voice acting is an accent fest. To be fair, it has been this way since MGS1, but it has never felt so… blatantly obvious. The subtitle work, like MGS4, is sloppy in a few places. It’s like they don’t have the time to QA it extensively or the people concerned are not doing their jobs properly. Some lines are inaccurate or wrong, and they even forgot to put line breaks on some lines in the final chapter, so you have these long lines that go over the screen and you can’t read some of the words. I thought in MGS4 when they misspelled Raiden’s line ‘I’m lightning’ to ‘I’m lighting’ it couldn’t get much worse. These are minor blemishes that are nevertheless noticeable, and it hurts the image of the whole package.

As I played the Japanese version, my mind starts to piece together some inklings that I have always had when I played previous Metal Gear games in both languages. Raiden is probably one character in video games that is a vastly different character in Japanese and English versions just by his dialogues alone.

It starts from MGS2, his first appearance. In MGS2 Japanese version he sounds as cool as Snake, only younger. In MGS2, he is ‘whiny’. I think the localization team never expected that Raiden would appear again in future installments. Anyway, rather than fixing Raiden’s character to match the Japanese counterpart, it seems they decided to just ‘go with the error’ (error is too strong a word, I admit), akin to the Street Fighter series where some characters have their names swapped in the two versions.

Bottom line is, in Japanese version, Raiden is consistently cool and calm. In English version, he starts being whiny. Then in MGS4 he tries to sound like a bad-ass. In Rising he is at times inconsiderate and arrogant. Even his dialogue is changed to reflect this. For example, in Japanese version when he talks to one of his support team members for the first time in the game, he actually just said ‘good to have you here’. In English version, he tries to make an excuse to avoid the guy’s briefing. In later part of the game he even tries to growl like Batman in Dark Knight series.

I personally prefer Raiden Japanese version but it’s not a stretch to imagine that the English version is also well accepted. As some people have put it, the corny bad-ass lines suit the nature of the game.

I also prefer the Japanese package. It is cleaner and makes for a nice collection.

The back cover:


It has been a tradition for Japanese version Metal Gear covers to have this simple design of white background and grids of screenshots. Only now they add a little touch with the cuttings. Brilliant.

The inside:


Simple and clean. Watch what happens when I take out the instruction manual and disc:



I also feel bad for those who get the US version. In US, to get Gray Fox outfit DLC you need to preorder from GameStop. To get MGS4 outfit you need to purchase it on PSN at later date. In Japan, Gray Fox outfit DLC is provided in every first-print copy of the game. And the MGS4 outfit? You can get the code for free if you just let the Japanese official site tweet an advertisement message using your Twitter account. It only took a minute if you already have Twitter and you can even delete the tweet afterward.