Highscore Girl

Yep, another manga. ハイスコアガール (Highscore Girl). My second book I purchased from BookLive!.


It’s about a boy who is good at nothing but video games. He often goes to the arcades. One day, he faces a very tough opponent in Street Fighter II, losing seven times in a row. He checks out who his opponent is and she turns out to be his classmate who is a pretty girl from a rich family.

The manga is supposedly accurate about the video game details and historical information:

Look at all those copyrights... 0.o

Look at all those copyrights… 0.o

Anyway, for his second attempt, the boy decides to play cheap in order to beat the girl. He used a taboo technique (Guile’s light kick followed by inescapable quick throw) that would have made anyone pissed off, but he thinks it’s okay since the opponent is a girl…

Bad idea, lol

Bad idea, lol

And that’s just chapter 1, which can be previewed free on BookLive! I can’t help but purchase this hilarious manga lol XD

I gotta say, I appreciate all these mangas with unique art styles and expressions.

Another one of my favorite artists in this regard is ringo, who drew Black Rock-Chan and is now working on the manga adaptation of Date-A-Live. Unfortunately, due to health problems, he (or she?) would not continue with the Date-A-Live manga adaptation (but he/she would still complete the story from the 1st volume of the light novels, I think).


3 thoughts on “Highscore Girl

  1. OshareKeiji

    lol, and the look he had when he got beat up for real just happens to look exactly like Guile’s classic SFII loser cut-in portrait.

    I like the author’s sense of humor.

    1. Helu

      Lol, yes the boy’s main character is Guile whereas the girl’s is Zangief.

      This manga is really quite special. It’s based on real timeline so there are many occasions when it’s gonna say ‘this year, this month, something (related to video games or not) happens’. It mentions many new games that come to arcade/console at that time, such as Virtua Fighter, SNK games, and even Capcom’s Vampire series.

      The girl is also quite cute. She never speaks at all in the manga, can be very violent physically, and likes to eat (she always has that cute satisfied expression while eating). She can often be seen eating lollipop.

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