Yume No Tsuzuki, Extreme Perfect And LoveLive!

Perfected this after a couple of tries.


Lol at Vita capturing the ‘you can’t capture the screenshot yet’ icon…


This one is pretty easy Extreme, too. Just need to remember that after a series of alternating notes, it will follow up with very fast notes.

Rhythm games seem to be booming (just like the return of fighting games popularity since Street Fighter IV)! Recently there is this new social rhythm game for iOS called LoveLive! It climbs top-ranking list in a very short time. Finally a social card game that has real gameplay besides collecting cards and half-assed automatic card battles, I thought. And Project Mirai 2 for 3DS just got announced. And I haven’t tried the Megpoid thing… X)

Anyway, about LoveLive!…


Here’s a Japanese page that nicely shows how LoveLive! plays:

Official site for LoveLive! game:

And a link to the app in Japanese App Store:

And a gameplay video on Hard difficulty:

Basically the buttons are associated with cards and to maximize score you will want to upgrade your cards or get rare cards. This is one reason to pay. But you can choose to not care about score and focus on combo instead, i.e. perfecting the songs. If that’s all you care about, this is essentially a full quality rhythm game (baring unnecessary niceties like background video etc) for free (well, there’s the stamina restriction too so you can’t just play the game all day long, and this game takes pretty long to recover stamina – 5 minutes for 1 stamina point instead of the usual 1 minute in similar games – but I think I shouldn’t play too much – and I have many other games to play – anyway). The gameplay is pretty exciting particularly the double notes, since you also need to keep in mind which two icons to press. And how you can unlock fully-voiced visual novel scene by raising your player level is pretty damn good for a free game, too.

I only found out about LoveLive! because of this game. Seems to be something similar to Idolm@ster but with more user feedback affecting the design… Gotta say I particularly like Toujou Nozomi (1st girl from the left on title screen) and Nishikino Maki (6th girl). The 8th and 9th girl seem pretty ‘undesigned’ to me.


9 thoughts on “Yume No Tsuzuki, Extreme Perfect And LoveLive!

  1. OshareKeiji

    Personally, I’ve never really gotten into games or anime that feature any type of “idol”, after having done some digging and stuff regarding the inside stories of some past and present real-life idols in the entertainment biz… the horror stories outweigh the glitz, I tell you.

    As far as related games though, I might come close to breaking that rule. Kami Jigen Idol Neptune PP is coming for the Vita late June, and I’ve heard that it’ll be a rhythm game of sorts as well. Since I’ve collected every single OST of the series, I’m looking forward to playing those, while hoping that CH won’t use the touch screen as a note trigger like Sega did with f.

    1. Helu

      Lol, well in real life they have to do what they need to do in order to survive, I guess. The anime and manga version is a much more ideal world, I’m sure.

      I play these games with cute girls mainly because I can feel good just by looking at it. Don’t really need to stress or over exert myself. Just the act of turning on these games and fiddling around and make just a little progress is enough to bring a smile. Don’t really like all those gory Western stuffs that make one depressed. I do like sleek cool stuffs like Cyborg Ninja, though ;)

      But yeah, I wouldn’t feel concerned about the real life version, lol

      1. OshareKeiji

        That’s a good way of looking at it. I have a tendency to filter things out because they reflect factors that I do not want to associate with on either plane (2D/3D) or simply find too bothersome for my taste.

        Though my obsessive-compulsive habits may be an obstacle, I’d like to adapt that outlook. Maybe I’ll experiment by getting one of the 3 IM@S music games for the PSP… I suddenly got the yens to spare anyway, since I kept a quid handy for when I decide to get the DL version of Time Travelers, but later got it for free on Plus.

      2. Helu

        Ah, I probably see what you’re getting at, something about preventing unwanted associations ^^

        As for the 3 IM@S music games, I wouldn’t be surprised if they would re-release them on iOS someday. The games are very polished, true, but they don’t seem to require much production efforts (for example, the background is not real-time rendered but it’s a prerendered movie), that’s why I think they even see the need to supplement them with bonus anime (and the hypothetical iOS version most likely is gonna lose these anime).

        The game is very simple, requiring only 2 logical buttons (generously assigned to multiple physical buttons on left and right respectively so you can play it any way you want). Which is one reason I suspect they may consider bringing them to smartphones next time. But it can be pretty mind blowing on Hard difficulty because they put all those ‘pressing while holding’ actions to the extreme.

        I’m pretty sure you’ll get all 3, but just in case, I find the green one that features Miki and Takane to have the nicest songs. The orange one overall has energetic but kiddy songs.

        I’m keeping my eye on the Neptune Idol thing, too. It’s not a sure buy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up buying it ^^;

  2. OshareKeiji

    Well, even if the production values are lacking, the tempting part of the Shiny Festa trio is that they don’t have extra DLC attached to them.

    It’s not that I detest the concept. On the contrary, I’ll want to get them eventually if they exist. Pretty much all the games I have, I often 85~100% the DLC. (The only exceptions are Arcana Heart 3’s pallette swaps and Clannad’s extra side story episodes in which my better judgement and willpower somehow won ^-^;;)

    Anyway, thanks for the cliff notes intro and recommendation. I’ll still do a bit more research (PS Store PVs and Nico-based gameplay vids) before I take the plunge. As for Neptune PP, it’s already 100% for me since I’ve been a fan of the series since (or more appropriately, “despite the shortcomings of…”) the first game.

    1. Helu

      Actually, there is one extra song that could be unlocked in all versions of the game if you use ‘Backstage Pass’ serial ID given in the first print copies. The problem is, even if you managed to secure first print copies, the deadline is over just recently (31st March, 2013). The extra song is ‘The world is all one!!’ Here is a page detailing the first print gifts: http://www.bandainamcogames.co.jp/cs/list/idolmaster/festa/spec/shokai.php As for now, there doesn’t seem to be another way to unlock it. Just a heads up ^^;


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